andromeda foster.
andromeda foster.
full name andromeda "andi" vera foster date of birth + age 5 april 2618 + 37 birthplace belos, nibiro residence gasworks, terminus occupation captail/pilot on the perseus sexuality heterosexual relationship status if you lose me, i will find you

Born into a poor family that begged and stole to get by. It wasn't until she hit puberty that she started showing neurogenic abilities. Her parents took full advantage of any skill she had to put (some) food on the table but mostly drugs in their pockets. They got away with it for a few years until they pressed their luck and got caught. andi was tagged on the spot and sent to the academy at age 11.

Flourished at the school and did well in her studys. Had a particular fondness for flying because it was the only time she actually felt free of the life she had been living. Any time she's wasn't flying through the cosmos she felt like she was taking a step back towards that life and her parents (who never tried to find her after they eventually got out of prison). Became the best of the best pilots and set all the school records. Until vash-freaking-keller showed up.

this upset in her top seat didn't completely unnerve her. she always stated that if they were to ever actually go up against one another, there was no way he'd best her. they never got the chance to test that theory, as he was kicked out almost as quickly as he got there (or so it seemed) and andi was once again the best at school.

upon graduating, she entertained joining the alliance for a millisecond. it was a lucrative career field if she could stomach all the shit they pulled, but she ultimately decided against it. instead she picked up random odd jobs across the galaxy, never really sticking to one ship much longer than a year or so. she did a five year long stint in the professional air racing scene (winning a nice amount of prize money while there) before skipping out on it to go fly mining crafts.

she continued on this path of jumping from ship to ship for six more years until a job landed in her lap that ended up changing her life in more ways than she could have ever known. she was hired to fly a cargo ship from nibiru to another seedy station, but the catch was she couldn't ask what she was carrying. the job paid handsomely (almost better than some of the races she won), but she couldn't shake this sinking feeling that something wasn't right about this job. so she snuck into the docks the night before she was supposed to fly out to watch them loading the ship.

what she found was at least 15 different species of animals, some she knew to be protected, being herded into the ship's cargo bay.

her initial instinct was to go straight to the authorities, but her better judgement told her that wouldn't do much. instead, she sent an encrypted comm message to an old school friend who had chosen to enlist with the alliance (she and arty went way back to the old academy days). she told him about the cargo and that she wasn't supposed to know about it. he instructed her to fly out like nothing was wrong and that he'd have an alliance cruiser intercept her ship while she was en route to her destination.

the bust went without a hitch and all the animals were taken into custody. they also found crates full of earth antiquities that had been stolen and missing for several years. the alliance managed to find and capture the man who had hired her, but his connections within the government managed to get him only a few months time in prison. it was advised by her alliance friend that she lay low and keep her head down, two things she'd never really been that great at. so she found a transport ship that needed a pilot and gave them a fake name to work under. she was with that ship for two years before one of her former employers contacts found her.

she tried to leave the ship before anyone got caught in the mess she'd created, but they were chased down and every one of them was killed in front of her. he almost got her too, but in the fight that followed his attempt on her life, she was able to ascertain information about his physical health that he likely didn't even know himself through the use of her neurogenics. this upper hand allowed her to play on his weakness and kill him.

once she was able to think again, she reached out for help one more time, calling an old friend she made on the racing circuit. she told him about the trafficking job and how she had turned in the man who had hired her. she told him about how she had been in hiding for the last year but that they had somehow found her and hunted down the ship she was on. she didn't disclose that whoever had come after her had killed the entire ship, but seeing as she had killed the man she didn't think it was important.

donovan wescott offered her a job on his scavenger ship. it didn't offer much in the way of protection, but at least she'd be around people she knew she could trust. she took the job and was the pilot for the vulture for the next year. eventually, her bounty caught back up to her. the woman who was coming after her made a wrong move when she tried to kill two bounties with one stone. in the end, andi cheated death one more time and got a ship, the perseus, out of the deal. she left the vulture and took up the life of a mercenary, flying her own ship.

SKILLS+TALENTS TRAINED NEUROGENICS ¤ astral projection: the ability to enter and travel on the astral plane. developed first and exploited by her parents. andi project her astral self to any location so long as she's seen it or has a memory of it (even if that memory is not her own).
¤ telekinesis: the ability to manipulate objects and matter with the mind. developed second and exploited by her parents.
¤ psychic shadow: the ability to mask psychic presence and obscure the perceptions of psychic trackers. developed at the academy. she refuses to use it now that she's graduated because the alliance has record of it.
¤ psychometry: the ability to perceive the residual information of an object and/or person. developed at the academy and after. when this ability first arose, she had absolutely no control over it. post-graduation, she learned to control it and can now select when she sees a memory and what memory she sees.
¤ empathic psychometry: the ability to perceive the emotions of others through touch and take them on yourself. developed post-academy. andi is able to feel the emotions of others by touching them. if she focuses hard enough, she can take away the emotion completely into herself, but this comes at an extreme cost of energy for her.
DEVELOPING NEUROGENICS ¤ mild precognition: the ability to perceive future events before they happen. andi's precognition only works for herself. she can only see how events and actions will affect her timeline.
¤ memory overload: the ability to overload a target's mind with memories. andi uses a filing cabinet analogy for her psychometry ability. she uses a similar analogy here, but instead of picking one memory, she's able to take them all and throw them back at a person at the same time, over loading their senses.
¤ psychic navigation: the ability to to track people/objects with one’s mind and/or create mental maps of an area. once andi has taken a memory from someone and filed it away, she can track them no matter where they are.
¤ animal psychometry/telepathy: the ability to read the minds of and communicate with animals. andi is able to see the memories of animals and communicate with them through mental images. she must be in contact with them to communicate, but can receive memories just by being in proximity of them. it was unknown at the time, but this was why she had a bad feeling about the ship that was smuggling animals.
HUMAN ABILITIES ¤ heightened reflexes (partially fed by her mild precognition.)
¤ skilled hand-to-hand fighter
¤ decent marksman
STATISTICS ¤ height: 5'6"
¤ weight: 130lbs
¤ hair color: blonde
¤ eye color: blue
¤ tattoos: on the inside of her right forearm, she has the constellation for which she's named; andromeda. on the inside of her left forearm, she has a vintage space ship.
¤ piercings: none.
¤ description: coming soon