Gunhilda Callan Masterson
nickname(s) gunny, hilda, hild, masterson alias gruenhilda age / birthday 31 years old / april 10, 1985 occupation recruiter for the usmc orientation straight birthplace / residence boston, massachusetts relationship status perpetually single
★ Gunhilda Callan Masterson was born in early April to Lochlan and Nora Masterson (nee Iverson) in Boston, Massachusetts. She was the second and last child to be added to their little family, coming in at six years younger than her brother, Reilly. They were a middle class family who got by with what they had and never really asked for more.
★ Despite the age difference, growing up Gunhilda (nicknamed Gunny by her friends and family) was very close to her older brother, but as time went on and they both got older, they started to drift apart. Though they did still get along, they just found their own separate groups of friends. Reilly was always more hands on and street smart while Gunny was methodical and book smart.
★ As well as being a bright student, Gunny was a bit of a track and field star in her middle and high school days. Her best events were hurdles and long jump. Running and competeing in track was really the only extra curricular thing Gunny did while she was in school.
★ After Reilly graduated high school, he and Gunny started becoming closer again. He went on to be a volunteer fire fighter (like their mother's father) and applied to be a full time fire fighter as soon as a position opened up a year later. After working in the firehouse for a year, he proposed to his high school sweetheart who was attending New York University. They were married a year after they got engaged and Reilly moved to the Big Apple and began working at Engine 202/Ladder 101.
★ Three years after moving to New York City, the World Trade Center was hit by terrorists. Reilly's firehouse was one of the responding units. His Engine lost six men that day, including himself. Heartbroken didn't even begin to describe how Gunny felt about losing her brother. Here she was finishing her last year of high school and trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, and her brother had just been taken from her like it was no big deal.
★ To deal with her grief, Gunny threw herself into her studies and her sport. As the school year went on, she kept receiving scholarship offers after scholarship offers both for track and field and for her academics, but none of them interested her. With just a few months before graduation, she finally decided what she was going to do once she was finished with high school: enlist in the United States Marine Corps. She was going to fight the evil that had taken her brother from her.
★ Almost as soon as she arrived at her first duty station (Marine Corps Base Quantico), Gunny (who had started going by Hilda after graduating boot camp) was sent overseas. When her first nine month tour was up, she promptly volunteered for another. She was only state side for a handful of months for the first eleven years of service. When it came time to volunteer for another stint, her commanding officer told her that wasn't an option and that she was being given recruiting duty in her hometown of Boston. She tried to get out of it, but he wouldn't let her, citing that she needed to stop running a hundred miles a minute and taken some time for herself.
★ A bit unwillingly, Hilda returned home to Boston in 2014. She got herself an apartment not far from the recruiting station and tried her best to bring her life back down to a manageable pace. She reached out to old friends and even made a few new ones. She adopted a boston terrior she named Lady Sif (though most call her Lady) and has been taking things one day at a time.
★ The hardest adjustment for Hilda has been coming home and not having her brother there. It's been fourteen years since his death, but because she ran away soon after and never looked back she hasn't really been able to deal with it. Somehow, she's avoided it even still since arriving back in Boston. She isn't sure how much longer she can keep running from it though.

★ gruenhilda and gunhilda both have the same meaning
★ hilda was gruenhilda's mortal name when she was undercover on earth
★ is a trained warrior both with weapons and hand to hand combat
★ while she doesn't understand all languages, she does speak 11 languages fluently including english (dutch, norwegian, german, afghan pashto, persian afghan, persian-farsi, turkish, arabic (iraqi), arabic (syrian), and modern arabic)
★ scandanavian heartiage
★ masterson is the last name of the boy she was charged to look after by odin

★ super human strength
★ superhuman speed/agility
★ superhuman durability
★ superhuman stamina
★ longevity
★ disease immunity
★ regenerative healing powers

★ armed combat skills
★ unarmed combat skills
★ Asgardian magic knowledge
★ allspeak

★ enchanted sword (to be unlocked with sword: teleportation and camouflage)
★ Asgardian armor

★ meeting Kevin Masterson and fighting Adam Mann
★ infiltrating Mann's hose to retrieve Kevin's mace
★ saving Kevin from Mangog
★ fighting Mangog