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pippa gaines.
full name phillipa "pippa" evelyn gaines date of birth + age april 2, 1988 + 28 birthplace grand prarie, tx residence nashville, tn sexuality heterosexual relationship status single

⇝ Phillipa Evelyn Danvers was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. On April 2, 1988 she was born in the Dallas suburban town of Grand Prarie, Texas to Senator Sawyer Danvers (R) and _________ ________ Danvers, a Texas socialite and former Miss Georgia.
⇝ grew up singing while working on her families horse farm
⇝ "forced" into her first record deal by her father. she recorded her first album with columbia but it was never released due to lack of interest. left them in 2007.
⇝ moved to nashville, tennessee to do things her way in 2008. changed her last name to "gaines" (her mother's maiden name) to set herself a part from her father and her starlet sister. released her ep independently in 2009 while working at a local bar and writing songs. she met her now bandmate, miranda lambert, and in 2010 they formed "pistol annies". they made their debut performance on april 22, 2011 on the Academy of Country Music's Girls' Night Out: Superstar Women of Country special where they performed their single "Hell on Heels". their first album was released later that year.
⇝ met jude zipata while living in nashville and started a relationship in 2011 with him. they were almost too perfect together. after rumors of infidelity, crazy tour schedules and a pregnancy scare, pippa called it quits in early 2013.
⇝ her ep as well as her involvment with "pistol annies" got the attention of warner bros. records and in late 2012 she signed with them. in early 2013 they released her first album and in mid-2013 "pistol annies" released their second album.
⇝ in 2015 she released her second full length solo album

discography SATISFIED (2006) ⇝ I Don't Wanna Be
⇝ Pony
⇝ Satisfied
⇝ Used
⇝ Can't Let Go
⇝ That's Why We Call Each Other Baby
⇝ Make Room at the Bottom
⇝ Pain, Pain
⇝ Hank's Cadillac
⇝ He Ain't Coming Back
PIPPA danvers EP (2009) ⇝ Has Anybody Ever Told You
⇝ Angeline
⇝ Drink for Two
⇝ And You
⇝ Everything I Wanted
HELL ON HEELS (2011 - with "pistol annies") ⇝ Hell on Heels
⇝ Lemon Drop
⇝ Beige
⇝ Bad Example
⇝ Housewife's Prayer
⇝ Takin' Pills
⇝ Boys From the South
⇝ The Hunter's Wife
⇝ Trainer for Rent
⇝ Family Feud
like a rose (2013) ⇝ Like a Rose
⇝ Two Weeks Late
⇝ Used
⇝ Weed Instead of Roses
⇝ You Got Me
⇝ The Morning After
⇝ Gainse Suede
⇝ She's Drive Me Out of My Mind
⇝ You Ain't Dolly (And You Ain't Porter)
ANNIE UP (2013 - with "pistol annies") ⇝ I Feel a Sin Comin' On
⇝ Hush Hush
⇝ Being Pretty Ain't Pretty
⇝ Unhappily Married
⇝ Loved by a Workin' Man
⇝ Blues, You're a Buzzkill
⇝ Don't Talk About Him, Tina
⇝ Trading One Heartbreak for Another
⇝ Dear Sobriety
⇝ Damn Thing
⇝ Girls Like Us
⇝ I Hope You're the End of My Story
THE BLADE (2015) ⇝ On to Something Good
⇝ I Buried Your Love Alive
⇝ Bombshell
⇝ Weight of the Load
⇝ The Blade
⇝ Winning Streak
⇝ From Time to Time
⇝ If Love Was Fair
⇝ Has Anybody Ever Told You
⇝ Dixie
⇝ If the Devil Don't Want Me
⇝ Mayflowers
⇝ I'm Good at Leavin'