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soraya sommers.
full name soraya evelyn sommers (nee beauchamp) date of birth + age may 5, 1983 + 33 birthplace rockport, mass residence boston, mass sexuality heterosexual relationship status married though not happily

⇝ Soraya was born May 5, 1983 to Richard and Elizabeth Beauchamp, two very prominent figures Boston. At the time of her birth, Richard was the Attorney General working on his goal of making it to the house of representatives for Massachusetts. Elizabeth was the former Miss Massachusetts USA.
⇝ From day one, Soraya was groomed to be the perfect "trophy wife". She went to etiquette classes, danced ballet, took singing lessons and went to every public function her parents were invited to. She was in the spotlight from a very early age.
⇝ When she was five, she became a big sister to a baby boy. Her father's affections shifted from his daughter to his new son very quickly. He would often tell his daughter that he loved her, but she questioned just how much he loved her every day.
⇝ School wasn't much of a problem for Soraya growing up. She wasn't exactly gifted, but most subject matters came to her rather easily and she did well in all her classes. She excelled in one subject in particular: English and Literature.
⇝ Expanding on her love for written word wasn't exactly encouraged in the Beauchamp family, so when it came time for Soraya to attend college there were some disagreements between her and her father. He wanted her to attend Harvard for law but her interests lay in attending Johns Hopkins for english. Instead they settled on her attending Brown for Political Science with a concentration in English.
⇝ Before she even graduated college, Soraya married her private school sweetheart (who was attending Harvard Law), Remington Sommers. The two had practically grown up together and had dated from the moment Soraya was allowed to date. It was an unspoken understanding between their families that they would one day wed, so it was really of no surprise when they announced their engagement.
⇝ The Beauchamp-Sommers wedding was the event of the year within their social circle. Everyone who was anyone was invited and the guestlist was just over 1000 seats. It was the wedding every little girl dreamed of, except for Soraya. She would have been happy with something small and intimate, but of course the Beauchamps didn't do small and neither did the Sommers.
⇝ Upon graduating, Soraya had intended to enter into the work force, but after talking to her husband about what direction they should both go in it was decided that Soraya would stay at home and be Remy's support system while he navigated the world of politics.
⇝ They've been married thirteen years now. Despite growing up in the political world and knowing what kind of toll it takes on family life, Soraya is struggling with her husband working the hours he does. They're having other troubles on top of that, but at the end of the day they still have each other. At least, that's what Soraya keeps telling herself.

facts ⇝ Now that they're both grown, Soraya loves her little brother dearly, but when they were younger she secretly wished he would die unexpectantly.
⇝ Growing up her mother entered her into every beauty pageant she could. Competed for Miss Massachusetts USA in 2009 but got third place. Hasn't competed in a pageant since.
⇝ Took comfort in writing short stories and poems whenever she felt that her family was being "too much" for her to handle.
⇝ Has been writing trashy romance novels for the last ten years and has even gotten a few published under the penn name "Schuyler Larkin", the name of her imaginary friend from her childhood.
⇝ No one but her neighbor, Sam, knows she's published and even then he only recently discovered this.
⇝ Volunteers at local animal shelters as often as she can.
⇝ Has owned a dapple grey Irish Sport Horse gelding she named Samson since before he was technically born. He was a wedding gift from her in-laws.
⇝ She raised him after he was weaned from his mother, taught him to lead with a halter and broke him to ride. He is her best friend.
⇝ Rescued a red merle Australian Shepard named Whiskey three years ago. He's her second best friend.